Direct Marketing Services (E-mail, Fax, SMS and Telemarketing) and Online Marketing (SEO, SEM, web site design...) for:

Capturing customers for your company:

Our mission is to help promoting your business through Online Marketing on the Internet (search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), web design and development), an environment that is rapidly growing in recent years, and direct marketing (e-mail marketing, fax marketing, SMS message marketing, telemarketing...), to help you find new customers.

Loyalty to your clients:

One of the fundamental rules of marketing indicates that to increase your sales it is easier to win over current clients than to find new customers. Thanks to communication services and direct marketing (SMS message marketing, e-mail marketing, fax marketing...) your company can stay in touch periodically with your customers, improve the quality of customer relationships and increase sales.

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E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing
El E-mail marketing, fast direct marketing channel, economic and effective, used...

Fax Marketing

Fax Broadcast
Fax mailing campaigs are B2B (Business to Business) and are carried out to achieve...


We believe that experience is the only way to achieve success in our online marketing campaigns. Therefore we would like to demonstrate some examples of on-line campaigns that became part of our success stories on-line.

The San Pablo CEU University Foundation, an institution with more than 70 years of experience in the education field, organized the "week of CEU solidarity" with the solitary aim of raising funds to help equip schools in Congo.
Comunica Marketing collaborated on this occasion with the initiative of the CEU implementing the system for receiving SMS messages, via which all students of CEU could send an SMS message to a short number to financially support this issue.

You can also help with your contribution to educate the children of Congo. It is very simple. Send an SMS message to the number 7374 containing the word CONGO in the text message. The cost of the message is EUR 0,9 + VAT. This is valid for all Movistar, Vodafone and Orange networks.

SMS marketing

sms marketing
Campaigs of SMS marketing, short text messages,serve to communicate


Telemarketing is one of the means most often used in direct sales...